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The St. Mary's Today is a tabloid-sized newspaper that is published in St. Mary's County, Maryland. The publisher is Kenneth C. Rossignol. The paper focuses on crime, law enforcement and local government. Sometimes referred to as "The Rag," an implication that the paper deals in yellow journalism.

Notable Events

2007: The paper and Rossignol are accused of racism after a cartoon appears that depicts 3 black males from P.G. County driving to St. Mary's County to conduct armed robberies. The men are depicted in stereo-typical racist caricatures with wide noses, large lips, and dreadlocks. The cartoon was drawn by Calvert artist Billy Woodward, Jr. Woodward does artwork for the publication on a contract basis.[1] [2] In April 2007, SMT published a cartoon that appeared in the Post of four black basketball players that appeared to have the same characteristics that brought the SMT criticism for being racist.[3]

2005: St. Mary's Today won the competitive contract to publish the St. Mary's County Government advertisements. This privilege was long held by the Enterprise. The Enterprise serves St. Mary's County and is owned by Southern Maryland Newspapers. That company is owned by Gazette Newspapers Inc. which is a division of the Washington Post Company. Then County Commissioner President Thomas F. McKay was not pleased with the decision according to a story published in the Washington Post.[4]

1999-2005: The newspaper and it's publisher achieved national fame for what has become known as the Newspaper Caper. The incident has become an important freedom of speech case.


Kenneth C. Rossignol and/or St. Mary's Today have been sued several times, according to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search Database.

  • AHMAR MUSTI KHAN, former reporter, sued Rossignol on 2/5/2007, case number 040300001832007. Judgment in favor of defendant.
  • BRYAN JAFFE, former reporter, sued Rossignol on 7/6/2006 for $4955, case number 040300008802005. Complaint dismissed by court. Jaffe went on to become the first editor for the County Times.


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