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The County Times is a locally owned and operated newspaper that serves the St. Mary's County, Maryland area. The County Times hit the stands for the first time on Friday Nov. 3, 2006. It is published weekly on Thursdays.

The County Times was founded by James Manning McKay, founder of the McKay’s grocery store chain. “I’ve wanted to start a newspaper from as far back as the 60’s,” said McKay. “But, I had a big family to feed and educate and the store to run. Now I find myself in the position where I have the time to do it.”

McKay believes that newspapers are an integral part of the community. “When you go into any business, you need the understanding and support of the people in order to be successful,” he said. “Based on the reception I have received when talking to members of the community, I believe that people are very receptive to a new publication.”

The newspaper is published online in its entirety utilizing Adobe Acrobat PDF files. This provides an online archive of the newspaper as it appeared in print. The online edition is published in partnership with Southern Maryland Online.

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