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The Chesapeake Bay Detachment (CBD) of the Naval Research Lab (NRL) occupies a 168-acre site near Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, and provides facilities and support services for research in radar, electronic warfare, optical devices, materials, communications, and fire research.

Because of its location high above the Chesapeake Bay on the western shore, unique experiments can be performed in conjunction with the Tilghman Island site 16 km across the bay from CBD. Some of these experiments include low clutter and generally low background radar measurements. By using CBD's support vessels, experiments are performed that involve dispensing chaff over water and radar target characterizations of aircraft and ships.

Basic research is also conducted in radar antenna properties, testing of radar remote sensing concepts, use of radar to sensor ocean waves, and laser propagation. CBD also hosts facilities of the Navy Technology Center for Safety and Survivability, which conducts fire research on simulated carrier, surface, and submarine platforms.

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